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2014 Top Ranked Penny Auctions

Rank Penny Auction Site Features Link
Free (Happy) auctions,
low bid prices,
good product variety
Visit Site
ZWheel for free bids,
easy to use
Visit Site
Buy it auctions, frequent auctions, medium competition Visit Site

What is a Penny or Bid Auction?

Penny auctions are a type of pay-to-play auction format. To participate, users must typically register with the penny auction site and then purchase bids to use in the auctions. They bid on items they’re interested in, and when the auction clock runs out, the final bidder wins the item for its closing price. Learn more about penny auctions.

Best Penny Auction Bidding Tips & Tactics

Confused about when to bid, how to bid, and how to get the best deals from penny auction websites? Then you’ve come to the right place. Visit our penny auction strategies section and download our free penny auction guide to get started!

Which Penny Auctions are the Best?

Based on your penny auction bidding experience-level, different penny auctions may be the best. We’ve reviewed every penny auction out there and have asked our experience penny auction bidders to do the same. We hope the information on this website help you to find the best penny auction for you!