10 Reasons It’s Better to Shop at Penny Auctions this Holiday Season

With all the buzz about town about holiday shopping, we thought we’d do a little advocating for penny auction sites. Sites like Quibids and HappyBidDay tend to get the bulk of our attention this time of year. They both have great deals and great products, with HappyBidDay taking a slight edge in both categories. Since it’s time to start thinking gifts, today we’re doing a lineup of why penny auctions are better than the mall and retail stores. Ready?

10 Reasons It’s Better to Shop at Penny Auctions This Holiday Season

  1. Parking means finding a comfy chair
  2. Sales and promos. Just like the retail rush of Black Friday, penny auctions like Quibids and HBD have great sales on bid packs this time of year, and usually have some fun auction specials too. 
  3. Shipping is better than driving
  4. Coats aren’t necessary at Penny Auctions
  5. Free coffee refills
  6. Or if you prefer, free cider refills
  7. Fighting your way to the front of the checkout line at Walmart isn’t nearly as thrilling as beating out another bidder for the iPad Mini
  8. The only ‘black ice’ you have to worry about on penny auctions is a joker’s idea of a username
  9. Penny auctions have far more unique and interesting gift lineups than the mall, with a lot easier of a search
  10. Dogs and cats are always welcome during penny auction shopping
What about you? Do you have any great reasons you prefer to shop at penny auctions?


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