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HappyBidDay, or HBD as we like to call them is consistently rated as one of our top penny auctions. They are known for having fast shipping, high quality customer service, and lots of great auctions to choose from.

One of the best ways to judge a penny auction site is to find out how long it’s been around. In HBD’s case, this month marks their 3rd birthday — a feat hard to come by in the penny auction industry! With 3 steady years of great penny auction deals, HappyBidDay is definitely one of the great ones and no doubt here to stay. 3 years means you’re dealing with a trustworthy business that operates above board, from shipping to social to customer service, you know you’re getting the real deal with HappyBidDay.

Another way to judge a penny auction is by looking at the won auction history. This is the proof in the pudding, so to speak.┬áIf you see lots of auctions closing for hundreds of dollars, it’s a sign the competition is REALLY stiff. At HBD, you’ll see a handful of high stake auctions, but even with slightly higher prices, they are still great deals. Most of them though are super low closers. Here is our own proof, all from a sampling we pulled today.

5 Awesome Wins Under $5 at

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