Best Gift Card Penny Auctions

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Best Gift Card Penny Auction

Gift Card Penny Auctions

Gift cards penny auctions are some of the most frequently found among all products. For many, winning a gift card auction is the same as winning cash. From the standpoint of penny auction website operators, gift cards are great items to auction because they are popular, easy to order and easy to ship. In fact, we’ve seen a number of penny auctions who only offer gift cards. It’s our guess these fledgling penny auctions will expand to other products in the future as big ticket items like computers and iPads draw the crowds. However, in the meantime, there are values to be found on these newbie penny auction websites.

Which Are the Best Gift Card Penny Auctions?

Aside from the auction/competition ratio that we always look at (we want more auctions and less competition, right!) the top penny auctions for gift cards are simply the ones which offer the ‘Buy It’ auction feature. This gift card penny auction feature is offered by the better and trusted penny auction websites and often means that auction losers can purchase the gift cards at retail price in exchange for a full bid replenishment or credit. As we’ve mentioned before, gift cards are almost as good as cash so when you remove the risk from the auction, it’s really one of the best penny auction deals for bidders. On the upside, you’ll either get the gift card at a huge discount, or you can buy it at approximate face value (which you would have done anyways if you purchased it in a store.

Since only the top-tier and trusted penny auction websites offer ‘Buy It’, we’d recommend sticking to some of those. So the top gift card penny auctions include Beezid, HappyBidDay, Quibids and a few select others. While we’ve seen several 100% gift card penny auctions, we haven’t seen any yet that offer ‘Buy It’ or a similar feature which is why we are not recommending these auctions.

Gift Card Penny Auction Deals

As with many other penny auction categories, gift cards can sell for anywhere from a few cents to about half of face value on most penny auction gift card sites. It’s always a good idea to view past closed gift card auctions to get a feeling for typical closing prices.

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Common Gift Card Penny Auctions

Some of the following gift cards are typical for penny auctions:

  • gift cards
  • Gas gift cards (Hess, BP, Shell, Chevron, etc.)
  • Restaurant gift cards (Applebees, Fridays, Olive Garden, etc.)
  • Netflix gift cards
  • Home Deport and Lowes gift cards
  • Walmart and Target gift cards (these are very popular for penny auctions)
  • Bass Pro shops gift cards
  • Macy’s and JC Penny’s

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