Best iPad Penny Auctions

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Best iPad Penny Auction

Best iPad Penny Auction

iPad and iPad Mini penny auctions have become very popular over the past few months. Most are attracted to buying iPad and iPad Minis on auction for a simple reason- Apple almost never discounts these products. The pricing on iPad and other Apple products is tightly controlled so even finding a small 5%-10% discounted version is unheard of. So let’s look at some of the the best iPad penny auctions websites.

What are the top iPad and iPad MINI penny auctions?

The best penny auctions for winning/purchasing iPad and iPad Mini are those that have an ideal combination of low competition, frequent iPad and iPad Mini auctions and of course, the “Buy It” feature. Low competition and a high number of iPad penny auctions provide for the high probability of winning the iPad at the deep discounts that penny auctions promote. The “Buy It” option is critical so that you can purchase the iPad or iPad Mini in the event that you don’t win the auctions (this way, you can get your bids back).

HappyBidDay, zBiddy and Beezid offer the best opportunities to find the best iPad and iPad Mini penny auctions. We prefer HappyBidDay and Beezid as both offer Buy It auctions which have lower risk. zBiddy, however, also seems to be a good auction due to lower competition.

Past iPad Penny Auctions

We’ve seen iPad Auctions end as low as a few dollars on HappyBidDay, although some close much higher.

  • iPad 16 GB with Wifi sold on HappyBidDay for $1.70 in November, 2011
  • iPad Mini 32 GB Wifi on Beezid averages $59 (at time of publishing this post)
  • iPad Mini 16 GB sold on HappyBidDay for $9.49 in November, 2012

Because the iPad and iPad Mini are extremely popular tablets, it’s important to keep in mind that iPad penny auctions are risky and these products are harder to win than most other due to high competition. If you do set out to find the top iPad penny auctions, proceed with caution and of course, have fun!

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