Best iPhone Penny Auctions

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Top iPhone Penny Auctions

Best iPhone Penny Auctions

iPhone penny auction websites have become extremely popular. Most penny auction bidders are attracted to buying Apple iPhones (iPhone 4, iPhone 5, etc.) on auction for just one reason- the iPhone almost never discounted without signing mobile phone and data contracts! iPhone prices are so tightly controlled that even finding a small 5%-10% discounted version is unheard of unless you sign your life (or at least the next 2 years) away to companies like AT&T. Like iPad and computer penny auctions, bidding for iPhones is highly competitive so knowing where to bid is almost as important as is your bidding strategy.

Let’s look at some of the the best iPhone penny auctions websites where it is possible to save a bundle, without selling your sole!

Which Auctions Are the Top iPhone Penny Auctions?

The #1 penny auctions for iPhones are those that have an ideal combination frequent auction offerings, relatively lower competition and our favorite feature, the penny auction ‘Buy It’ feature. Low iPhone auction competition and a high number of iPhone penny auctions secure you a higher probability of winning the iPhone at a deep discount. The “Buy It” option is critical so that you can purchase the iPhone in the event that you don’t win the auctions (this way, you can get your bids back). However, you have to be willing to shell out the $600+ to take advantage of this so get ready!

zBiddy, Beezid and HappyBidDay offer good chances to find the top iPhone penny auctions. We prefer Beezid and Happy Bid Day as both offer “Buy It” features which ensure lower risk. zBiddy also seems to be a good auction due to lower competition, but did not offer “Buy It” at the time of writing this article.

iPhone Penny Auctions – What Should I Expect to Pay?

iPhone penny auctions end as low as a few dollars, although they typically end much higher due to the product popularity. Beezid publishes that the iPhone 5 usually goes for an average closing price about $150 (at time of publication). Note: we could not find data on the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s for this article.

Because the iPhone 5 and other models are extremely popular SmartPhones, we want to remind you that iPhone penny auctions come with inherent risk. Stick with a “Buy It” iPhone penny auction, stock up on bids and jump in late if you’re game for a little bit of competition.

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