Fun Quirky Holiday Gifts at HappyBidDay

As you all know, one of our primary pieces of criteria for penny auctions here at OnlineAuctionReviews is product selection. You can have the world’s cheapest deals ever – we’ve seen stuff sell for literally a few pennies…but if it’s a crappy $10 gift card to a place nobody’s ever heard of, then what good is it?

Today, we’re talking about one of our favorite penny auctions, HappyBidDay, who earns our top vote for exactly this reason. Their product lineup is always funny, unique and, now that it’s time to start holiday shopping, very gift-worthy.

Our Favorite Unique Products at

So what about you, reader? Have you tried yet? As one of the oldest penny auctions in the biz, they always earn a top spot with our reviewers, and we love hearing from them all. If you have a quality HBD experience you’d like to share, please leave you thoughts with us in the comments!

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