Happy December!

Well, friends, it’s a little hard to believe but December is upon us! Are you ready for tinsel and trees and gifts and gathering? We sure are! This December, we remind you that all our favorite penny auctions – from the monstrous Quibids and DealDash to the top ranked HappyBidDay - provide great deals for holiday shopping and beyond.

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect for holiday happenings in the world of penny auctions.




12 Days of Quibids Giveaway: This is a fun and appropriate holiday contest put on by the folks at Quibids and it’s not too late to get in on the giveaway love. Every day between 12/2 and 12/14, Quibids is giving away a gift. To enter, you have to place a bid on the site that day. 1 bid = 1 entry. And there are multiple winners. They have 12 for day 1, 11 for day 2, etc. So far, they’ve offered up Michael Kors bags, a Keurig machine, steak knives and more. 

Beezid’s $75k Mega Giveaway: So it turns out giveaways aren’t really an original idea at holiday time. Who knew? :) Unique or not, Beezid brought their A-game and want you to sign up on their site pretty bad. They’re giving away more than $75,000 in prizes to prove it. Personally, Quibids prize selection is a little more reasonable if you ask us…simply because if you weren’t into the MK bag, selling it or giving it away as an awesome gift would be a cinch. Beezid’s packs are a little more intense. And not everyone wants a gamer’s paradise complete with that carseat looking chair. (Although we totally know some of you do – and that’s cool too.) They do have a little bit of “something for everyone” going on, featuring a kitchen giveaway and a 100k bid pack, and shop tool sets. Best advice here would be to obviously enter during the week that makes sense to you.

HappyBidDay’s crazy bid discounts. Giveaways are always a great time, but HBD is tossing up something even better – cheaper ways to win. We’re not sure how long this discount frenzy will go, but stocking up now is a really great idea. They have all their best products out for the holiday shopping season and having a solid supply of bidding power will only work in your favor.

Have you won any awesome gifts this season yet? Planning on joining any of the contests or picking up sweet discounted bid packs? As always, join the discussion in the comments below!

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