Penny Auction Review: Bullion Bay

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Hello and Happy 2014, readers! We’ve got a fresh new penny auction site to report on for the new year and we’re hoping at least some of you have seen or tried it so you can chime in!

The site is called and it is all about gold and silver. One of the reasons we always like to brag about our #1 penny auction site here at – – is that they were one of the first (and remain one of the only!) penny auction sites to host auctions for gold and silver.

While we wouldn’t necessarily say that Bullion Bay is a competitor (they don’t have anywhere close to HBD’s selection) they are bringing in some unique gold and silver auction options.

Bid costs: $0.65. Interestingly, they DON’T discount the bid packs as you go up in size, so we’d recommend starting with their bottom package (50 bids).

Product selection: As mentioned, this is a site for gold and silver and they’ve got lots of it. But, if you’re looking for your standard i-electronics mix and home kitchen appliances, you’re going to be disappointed.

Buy it now option? Sort of. We don’t mean to be wishy washy here, but it really is “sort of” a buy it now program. They call it “Buy Back.” Basically, you can sell your won coin or bar back to the site and they’ll buy from you in bids. Great way to gamify the process, but we’d personally rather just take the delivery!

So have you tried Bulion Bay yet? Let us know how it went!

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