Penny auction success is dependent on a number of different factors but those that see the most success generally have highly developed strategies. Here are some we feel are worth exploring. Keep in mind, not every strategy works for every person. In the end, you must understand what works best for you. If you like these, download our free penny auction strategy guide.

Penny Auction Strategies

Strike Early: Stake your claim and be aggressive

Master the Clock: Why timing matters and how to use it to your benefit

The Sniper/The Bully/The Jumper: Advanced bidding techniques to beat the clock and the crowd

The Power Bidder: Using intimidation to win auctions

The Spoiler: Don’t be the best, beat the best

Penny Auction Strategies to Avoid

Spread the Luck: Why bidding a little on a lot is a poor technique

Emotional Bidding: Leave feelings out of it