Twas The Week Before Christmas

A Holiday Poem, by your friends at

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

Bidders were clicking away on their mouse

One bid, then two bids, then three bids and four

It will be a Christmas like never before

A new dollhouse for Janie, toy ‘copter for Joe

Penny auction shopping, right from the home

No parking to fight for, no lines to wait in

Didn’t win that one, but I can Buy It and trade in

Get all my bids back and my item to boot!

(But sometimes I do win, and my horn I will toot!)

Some winnings are big, and others are small

But bidding’s way more fun than browsing the mall

Discounts abound and savings, they’re great!

My bids are stocked up and now I can’t wait

For the perfect auction for Santa’s best elf…

…A brand new iPad, just for myself!

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